new working user/passwords for fellatiojapan

Username/Pass -> MAmmuGokjOFE:USrQqYMhmjvm ** unlimited bandwith

Username/Pass -> YAACmaPzvvOG:FDljyeBouAaC

Username/Pass -> UzVUgGsQkoiY:SiqxDSNLmrDH

Username/Pass -> tqOjYnZeXmlv:bMZwicWWQLfJ

Username/Pass -> bEVVednEdXFD:LGIFWFEfGNGk ## pass does not work anymore

Username/Pass -> EIQiGJeHxqEe:eXwEeUWOdAvu backdoor has been hacked by teamair

Username/Pass -> RjNphDnBOLhk:ExlSaBqaNJCB this leak should be valid for 3 month

Username/Pass -> oVWkZOMkDFnS:sCEwFboXpBTP

Username/Pass -> RSSothGLqpvC:gzTsTIddqiFp

Username/Pass -> CfdmMxPmJnEh:YnJwFtYUHdAU 23 surfer have used this pass

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