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http://premiumparadise.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/wpid-18xgirls.com-pTJpZZZEFdjrEtXexNyJwcpE.jpg pass

new working user/passwords for 18xgirls

Username/Pass -> sJTDiXRyQANQ:zMveQEwuXtzv

Username/Pass -> QaFnvCGUYNSd:qSxykBzgNxSy tested by 73 users

Username/Pass -> DxYqqbHizgsa:FyNdrmpxihpp thanks hupert for sharing this

Username/Pass -> YxxUaxyywPOy:xWXDoXiNKmeX

Username/Pass -> sGdwZkxVTEBs:gQGAoFNqMrtR thanks hupert for sharing this

Username/Pass -> WsKVQKnxNKwX:hsQMTjTKQuYv pass is 3 days old

Username/Pass -> zEskzjUNGHxd:FFvwsoFlYvFW evilthedevil reported this

Username/Pass -> gIhaOzTpyIHk:JZjEpWYYHphj password is expired

18x girls new passlist april 2013
login with those passwords for members.18xgirls.com


this is the desktop version of 18xgirls, we also have some mobile passes still working here