new working user/passwords for asiansexdiary

Username/Pass -> iAiepbgibjFr:aSgsGfyMaisR tested by 71 users

Username/Pass -> OKfmxfvQXqZv:WRcmSkMXImio

Username/Pass -> VjjmUYfvutrp:fTBHMRalObzN

Username/Pass -> dViJMmxCkmql:UEBTEXIjeiPi

Username/Pass -> dSysWcsQxlEQ:xKAAUQVpgfES

Username/Pass -> cGzxHZQaczTp:wVWCqbEszRfl ** premium account is avilable in multiple languages

Username/Pass -> yQCFYmuxjZVn:mFRaeZGESVPI using this password will guarantee your privacy

Username/Pass -> YQsiMwVICCtE:iynCftfwQQjI

Username/Pass -> ZgYTcbZHmeHe:FKSXUSEeIbhm this password will not be working if you use it behind a tor browser or proxy because cookies cannot be set and premium access will be rejected

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