new working user/passwords for exploitedteens

Username/Pass -> jAnjjhlQLZEy:viZJFbYVZPNh paysite demolished by juju

Username/Pass -> HHZXnENqrCbK:tLZilagZpzrI

Username/Pass -> XUnTnMelxmdF:eMALkFtqpLWN ## pass does not work anymore

Username/Pass -> caLBybBBcyPg:sBonUmISeWeF the security has been breached by Team AIR

Username/Pass -> WIScGYQTxzbn:bcCxHmtyvSaT all access from tor is blocked by default inside the member area

Username/Pass -> yJFChkLaBGRq:dNBtdebsfFZJ

Username/Pass -> jkFYiANEwjPf:hyEtGzDlOxsL ## password is 0 day !!

Username/Pass -> CrTbAxpVcYtl:UKffANPDCGQh

Username/Pass -> HGcUFrfZPKZW:GAJUmZcacmcl users from Australia will have only very limited access and probably also very slow

Username/Pass -> oiVFHqDCuRJF:SmTImpdZawmO tested by 73 users

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