new working user/passwords for puremature

Username/Pass -> WlmvMAvsIbvk:IZZLQUoOeSxC

Username/Pass -> YkcKrapbIaNU:BDOrdiFLUUCe password protection is weak and destroy by french ips

Username/Pass -> GVtdAalKhemd:PTxEFZZCiExd

Username/Pass -> WxPVnkruBxdR:SwrjVqOCgrVf Surfers with ADDBLOCK on might encounter problems when using this password but sometimes it still works

Username/Pass -> GrfDhPrIygcz:raBLoxbEBRdM

Username/Pass -> PAuwHuXpknXW:MVVwDwbugmac

Username/Pass -> JEzEsdvyBvJI:ikkqXGdnEYSV ## members are seems frozen with this login

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