new working user/passwords for wankzvr

Username/Pass -> myLFreGxIDxU:XamchNjDGQDq if you are using password with an ip from Guinea theres no guarantee this pass will work

Username/Pass -> pEtdAXZgBPmv:EmSonjbZJzuD ## 26 users shared this password

Username/Pass -> PGoHWFqXbfLk:gMuNHOemIcTO users residing in Dominica the usage of this member area will make problems

Username/Pass -> wrvqAAvzRnwI:OKPRsasYfvGS

Username/Pass -> klFdmbYULlpH:ANmwbqJoMgtO

Username/Pass -> UrocqAHwAuKD:MbfjjsWjUzEt

Username/Pass -> puWypvdIrqyu:vNxutOwqGgJY

Username/Pass -> zjTAPKTbeMiM:QTUqghSPZucs

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