new working user/passwords for badoinkvr

Username/Pass -> nbLxOlyZfAnM:kzvpKwcHnDJK

Username/Pass -> jgUtilbBsxqZ:YvPCQmWCgzic

Username/Pass -> wRHWcewXapDe:xBXqLRdJFGCw

Username/Pass -> EyFkacxdwQLE:jPEkPFpnFvZi fellow Surfers with ADDBLOCK or GHOSTERY will have trouble because the paysite isnt able to set the premium cookie

Username/Pass -> gGZMdVitutyY:KzAehRsXwHHI

Username/Pass -> cbVfNCySqPfK:FBERvpuTIKaG

Username/Pass -> hdMMqFEtVcRN:ywEUIQLkglVL

Username/Pass -> drtnAqUtjoVp:LGvuLKgJocRa

Username/Pass -> xLfKtGkUxPuA:oJNXorfxhOva SHARING is CARING , thanks to EJ for having found a excellent leak for this paysite

Username/Pass -> ASJFzKaSynrX:VTgNYxxQyTRh hidden cookies need to be set by following the link

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