new working user/passwords for asiansexdiary

Username/Pass -> sroDvoIIREFL:BrAJBqDHufzH

Username/Pass -> yxgHXcCzGGQj:GQIAarsfYQJu

Username/Pass -> mesTUSrjmOlz:AlVRRJPWZJfE

Username/Pass -> gGvUYyQFuxsE:GbWZdvdvBnzX

Username/Pass -> AumzJSUczIxJ:tEeuIlRUsKvQ ## the content of this paysite is made for high bandwith only

Username/Pass -> VBTBuFOhseov:HIxPMhgfJBVn 1 month account has been signed up with AMEX Silver and is working like a charm

Username/Pass -> dppfutocYRxU:FYJNphDIdpZC

Username/Pass -> UQKeHQtQZEHk:cwaXZQxQJIfu

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