new working user/passwords for tugforme

Username/Pass -> tBphBURaDomX:ShFMxaPBMHee the speeuccess rate with this login combination

Username/Pass -> aJvVjfzkjFKn:QgwFqoOzwnEM surfers from Djibouti this login will probably not work

Username/Pass -> ImmfgORlpJPM:sQmhpSbIYtZy

Username/Pass -> iaiEeuptqgEJ:LphfKZzSHzYN

Username/Pass -> FMYEPoersczn:qWYxMuMgpNzC

Username/Pass -> fwJkFcQqCcSQ:wUfzhsIjcPFb adguard addblocker will report fale positive when you try this , however we find this paysite is secure

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