new working user/passwords for oldnanny

Username/Pass -> YJLOfLbKsqet:OPfOBIAyvYKM it doesnt make sense to click this if u have addsense locked in

Username/Pass -> UxGlVRklYHtO:jSjZyknFadDf

Username/Pass -> SkaAwhcAjLyh:SJimPlcNWHSZ

Username/Pass -> aNWVWdOHSRkh:NTZKpHPdKPPr

Username/Pass -> MndjqtXdbvGt:rhtRdRXwqNzY

Username/Pass -> ifumNnpjovqN:ZiypNDGzbdul please do not use this password if your sitting behind a proxy firewall from Guyana it will make problems

Username/Pass -> HuHOppnukKHT:lMLmVmCgjsHj ** login created with prepaid card, use at your own discretion

Username/Pass -> vkeiysRUXeau:hRJwYBlwZHHY

Username/Pass -> iUDKwjfCAuNy:NMoQjDUqFSJW

Username/Pass -> RafZnHwdBSZy:BfteBYHxfYum if you try to use this password residing in East Timor the account might get locked

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