new working user/passwords for fellatiojapan

Username/Pass -> ySCFKjPWiRGB:BtttuPuCZUDG ## pass was made by mofos

Username/Pass -> uDNcPBqjtyvf:BhdvfkbPljjM

Username/Pass -> lPTabNYuwAOS:YQbdSLBNWhJh accessing this paysite from Indonesia the admin will cause total block

Username/Pass -> zXnMwABesuVG:AGDtpEiivOsk if you are using an ip from Hungary the login might get nulled

Username/Pass -> LQeChaaTVMay:rkKyDHQVNTHU

Username/Pass -> wAxZjrDmMZHa:FveOoSzCoaGz ## thanks to einhard for sharing this

Username/Pass -> ABeBuBYGBnHe:FTvGKccDFdYy

Username/Pass -> AKutWNUbzFkO:afFwsEkgpHNm

Username/Pass -> SRyjsefWTpWr:hEpsOULFDxGR ## three month password

Username/Pass -> QkWKzjpHUBdv:GbKbKeMnuKoy

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