new working user/passwords for 18eighteen

Username/Pass -> WOULFnMliovR:rWjGjUFWsQOU

Username/Pass -> ZBjKobUofGmK:aNnNCSJDymWH

Username/Pass -> STGsohaIsLcx:bUKXcjYHAjpQ

Username/Pass -> HpSENYiYEKGW:RwSgZAkZFgJU ## access will only work for leeching imagesets

Username/Pass -> UBNbMkYREJYM:yDITgTOuBTOl

Username/Pass -> bQXtHcOzatwc:PcdKFaXNauHZ

Username/Pass -> GZXgfoonuUwT:XHjdWiPlfoAx SURFERS with ASIAN IP , JAPANESE IP will be accepted only

Username/Pass -> lqFhUjpmBucl:VXxqXZWeQBcm respect the Limit of 5 Gigabyte per day

Username/Pass -> FqjOhuavTBRk:QndQOYPcCAlC # multiple ip are prohibited, please log in only from one and the same computer

Username/Pass -> FluBBRfzsyNM:HVlnHZtZGgDd

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