new working user/passwords for spizoo

Username/Pass -> osGweDlFxMgT:XRqCbnyveLpd

Username/Pass -> OjpRCJMCAohF:ishghUKtuvzR # do not try more then 5 times or your ip will get blocked from this paysite

Username/Pass -> mEihQnLsyFea:SqyYwPbQJsXL

Username/Pass -> ToxEwOipdjFt:HOmtQDLLBQuH

Username/Pass -> VAYuKFHgNQnV:EBeliPpcarJi users from Australia will have only very limited access and probably also very slow

Username/Pass -> GNjhiJWKQUIr:sztnPCkcAyDr Surfers with ASIAN IP will get banned

Username/Pass -> hXDRYjDvonZS:WvFfiXczqFjc

Username/Pass -> vKNDhQopMeOB:JhnlkbNwOBEE

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